Floor display corrugated carton manufacture in Vietnam

Binh Minh Pat  Pop Gift & Displays Limited is a professional company in making cardboard displays for 15 years. We can help you make your products attractive.
Our main products are Cardboard Displays, Cardboard Furniture, Paper Displays, Floor Displays, Sidekicks, Standees and display stands which are suitable for wide ranges of industries. Our goods are exported to the USA, England, Australia, Germany, France, Canada and other countries and regions.

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Our Service:

  1. Our designers and engineers will work closely with your sales and marketing teams to turn your creative concepts into reality.
  2. Design and engineering services
  3. Concept design
  4. Prototypes & models
  5. Mockups
  6. Engineering specifications

Whether you are selling products locally or across the country, putting all the elements of your display together and make sure it is delivered in good condition to the right locations is the last critical step in your POP campaign.

Our services in this area include

  1. Display assembly and packing
  2. Product co-packing
  3. Fulfillment and distribution
  4. Tracking and traceability
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Contact us:

Lot A59/I Road 7, Vinh Loc IP, Binh Tan Dist, HCM City
Phone: (+84) 83754 7951 – (+84) 91 666 0853
Email: info@binhminhpat.com
web: https://binhminhpat.com

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